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  • We find suppliers for goods that fully meet your request in the shortest possible time (from 1 working day);
  • Conduct an inspection of the factory, check the certifications, prepare a detailed report;
  • We can receive a sample corresponding to the required characteristics;
  • Сoordinate and control the terms of delivery (quantity, prices, terms, stages of production, documentation, etc.)
  • We can also organise the whole logistic process of delivering  goods to your country.

When searching for a seller yourself, you may face a number of problems: fake goods, increased prices by trading companies, a language barrier, an insufficient number of suppliers to choose from, and much more.

Most of the companies on English-language platforms (such as are usually resellers, because real manufacturers are engaged in production or do not have English-speaking employees, so they can only be found on Chinese trading platforms or in the register of suppliers.

Over the years, we have worked out algorithms for finding suppliers in China. We have access to a large number of manufacturers and our own office with Chinese-speaking employees. During the search, we request a supplier’s business license and check the information about him in the state register of China (date of foundation, staff, areas of activity, turnover, court cases, etc.), we discard trading companies and unreliable suppliers at the stage of market analysis. Also, our specialists can negotiate with the suppliers by call or can go to the factory with an inspection.

  1. Согласование технического задания с заказчиком. Наш специалист отправит вам анкету и свяжется для согласования деталей. Без подробного ТЗ и понимания объемов покупки невозможно качественно провести поиск поставщика и провести переговоры.
  2. Поиск и анализ поставщиков, запрос цен от 5 – 10 надежных продавцов.
  3. Подготовка отчета с ценами, основными показателями поставщика и ТКП.
  4. Далее вы можете работать с поставщиком самостоятельно или заказать поставки под ключ у наших специалистов.

Если заказчик хочет лично проверить образцы, произведенные на заводе изготовителе, то мы проконтролируем сбор образцов с производственной линии изготовителя и организуем доставку на склад заказчика, что позволит лично проверить качество продукции или отдать образец в независимую лабораторию. У нас есть разные каналы доставки образцов от 3 дней до 3-х недель, в зависимости от срочности и габаритов.